Start Your Own Website Today: 3 Basic Things

You want to own a website. Isn’t it? There are a few basic things you should put in mind before you embark on this lucrative online business career. These things are the necessities that will see you achieve the goal of owning your own website. To start with, you need to understand what a domain is. This is one of the fundamental basics of domain registration services. Perhaps the most crucial thing should be the name that will identify your domain. Thus, the domain name encompasses your business name and your email address.

This will market you to the next level. The name should be critically chosen for there could be other companies or businesses that conduct the same type of business elsewhere in the world. To stand out unique in this, you need to understand your niche of operation. The domain name puts you and your business on the internet platform. You also need to consider the services you are promoting. Don’t you think is the ideal name for writing tips?

Because your success entirely depends on your business or work, it is advisable that your domain name and other registration information kept with utmost care.  Because of the millions of domain names in the world, there is every need to make yours appear on top of others. Make it unique with the quality associated with it.


Domain Registrar

This is yet another critical thing that you should have in mind when in a quest to have your website registered. You should endeavor to work with people who are known for their best services to clients. This can be the reason why you even know them. Domain registrars come with a variety of features. As a result of this, you are compelled to look for the registrar that is pocket-friendly, has an array of other benefits like discounts, a handful of commissions once you refer a third party; have your best interests at heart and who is willing to adjust their terms to suit your offer.

Since finding the best domain registrar is not an easy job, your registrar should be able and willing to help you make wise decisions. I’m talking about the right payment plan. In fact, if you are not careful, you might find yourself dealing with scammers who are there to plunder. They may even take your offer and never to register your domain. This will be catastrophic to your business. To that effect, before engaging in any online transaction, do a thorough research about the domain registrar that you are about to settle on. This will save your money and energy.


The Hosting Provider

 In the list of the basics of domain registration services, you cannot underestimate your hosting provider. It performs an important role in ensuring that your business is up in the internet world. Among the things, that the host provider will do on your behalf is to supply you with a DNS. Additionally, it is your hosting provider that gives you a ssecure FTP, a mail server that your domain will not do without and a web server.

However, after this is done, you have the liberty to change these settings conform to your preference that is in line with your domain name and business. After highlighting on these basics, you stand at an informed place to make a wise decision on what your domain name should look like, what will be your hosting provider and domain registrar.



The theme you use determines how your blog is gonna look like. Currently, there are thousands of themes that can improve the look of your blog/website. Thankfully, you can get quality free themes. While they have their limitations, you can still use them before your websites starts to generate money. In fact, WaS uses Karuna theme, which is a free theme.

If you do not like free themes as most professional bloggers, you are at liberty to purchase a professional premium theme from WordPress. Alternatively, you can get your theme from WooThemes or Noupe.

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